Tech Tools- Instructional vs. Learning

Technology can be both an instructional tool and a learning tool in the classroom. According to Orey (2015I), technology can be used as an instructional tool when it is used to present information, while technology as a learning tool is focused on getting your students to use the technology to become active learners. This idea… Continue reading Tech Tools- Instructional vs. Learning

Constructivist Learning Theory, Teaching, and Learning & The Genius Hour

Constructivist learning theories strategies and technology tools all go hand in hand. In this week’s discussion, the video I found stated that constructivism is the approach that states that people construct knowledge through their experiences and interactions with the world (“Constructivism: Overview & practical teaching examples – video & lesson transcript,” 2003). The constructivist approach… Continue reading Constructivist Learning Theory, Teaching, and Learning & The Genius Hour

Technology Toolbox for Differentiatio

Technology tools help teachers differentiate in many ways. Many tools help to differentiate the instructional aspect of learning to ensure students are learning the correct content at the appropriate level. Others differentiate the process for the way to keep your students engaged in their learning while the teaching is being done. The last part if… Continue reading Technology Toolbox for Differentiatio

Behaviorism and the Classroom

According to the video “Use a Learning Theory: Behaviorism” (2012), behaviorism is based on the idea that behavior can be controlled or modified based on consequences of a behavior. Instructional strategies and technology tools can help students’’ behavior on a positive note. Using strategies that explore student positive and negative reinforcement allow for student growth.… Continue reading Behaviorism and the Classroom